miércoles, 9 de febrero de 2011

Robert Hampson de Main habla:

"... I would like to think Main is challenging that without wanting to sound too antagonistic or arrogant. To me, there are too many soundalikes in the music world. With Main and earlier with Loop we always felt removed from all that, existing in our own little world.

So you see little of any worth in contemporary music?

There are obviously some interesting things going on, but they are very marginalised. I would say that the first thing about the music scene is the whole rave thing, fucking DJ's making recordings, etc. That's what I hate about samplers. I sort of like the DIY aspect of it, but it annoys me that someone with no musical talent or ideas can make a record. But Dance music, House music, I absolutely fucking hate. And all those fucking people on E - they weere fucking braindead before they took it and now they're even more vacant. Why thousands of people would want to cram into a small building and take a lot of drugs I simply can't understand. I mean I have taken drugs, but never in that contenxt. I think I would get intensely claustrophobic".


Originally appeared in MFTEQ Ghafran (book + CD), 1993
Copyright © MFTEQ Ghafran

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