hallogallo kids :::

acá os presento el disco que publiqué como EL CONEJO DE GAIA el año 2004, "Hidralo". está hecho con mi sintetizador Kawai k5000w únicamente, tan sólo el beat del segundo tema fue añadido de la pc :: lo grabé el 2003 en los estudios aloardí localizados en el rímac, lima. perú :

espero os haga volar, realmente es un trabajo hondo y bien abstracto :: bueno básicamente eso es lo que siempre me ha gustado realizar a mí . disfruten las radiaciones e iridiscencias niños y niñas del sol :

pronto más hermosos secretos para ustedes
: :

el conejo de gaia

1. recuerdos
2. explorando planetas


dr. c & f, thanks for your patience and support ::: you both are  lovely gentlemen

long life to Tomorrowland and Mr. Köner

::::::: cortesía de Jaime Alfaro Da Giau


1. The Tones Of Peloponnesus
2. Ionia
3. Parisia
4. Acquatica
5. All Fish Go To Heaven
6. The Isle Of Caldra
7. Deserted Shores
8. Improvia
9. Angelica
10. Dronia
11. The Ionic Curve
12. Aga Aludoma
13. Sidereal Hands At The Temple Of Omphalos
14. Modula Raga
15. Et Tu, Dronius?


Biography by Richie Unterberger
After the demise of Savage Republic, guitarist Bruce Licher formed Scenic, which creates similar moody (and occasionally doomy) guitar-dominated instrumentals with strong Middle-Eastern influences. Unlike Savage Republic, however, Scenic — a trio which also includes Brock Wirtz on drums and James Brenner, formerly of Shiva Burlesque, on bass — plays entirely instrumental material. Their debut album, Incident at Cima (1995), took Savage Republic's post-punk raga-rock into gentler, more melodic territory. The post-punk is still there, but the influences of Ennio Morricone and southwest border music are just as prominent, reflecting Licher's relocation to Arizona in their evocation of desert landscapes on releases like 1995's Incident at Cima and 1996's Aquatica and Sage. The band did little recording for the next few years, save for a live album, but in 2000 the limited-edition Spheres EP unveiled a new song as well as two demo tracks. Many thought an album was soon to follow, but it was another three years until The Acid Gospel Experience, a lengthy collection of instrumentals that reflected their influences in Bollywood soundtracks and psychedelic rock.
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